Home for Christmas

christmas candles

I have a wonderful son who is 38 and he’ll be home for Christmas.  Years ago, he was in the Air Force and there were a couple of years that he wasn’t able to get home for Christmas.  Those were not good Christmases for me.

He and I have a tradition that started when he was about 6.  I was making toll house cookies and he was watching and helping some.  He asked me why all the cookies had to be the same color?  Well, I guess they don’t!  So we got out some food coloring, and put part of the dough in a separate bowl, and he went to work mixing up colored cookies.  I watched the consistency so they wouldn’t get too runny.  Then we baked some cookies that were…..sort of blue.

Every year from then on, even as a teenager, he was there the day we made the cookies and he colored a portion of them.  We’ve had green, blue, purple, very colorful cookies! Now, as a grown man, he still comes to my house to color some cookies, then he takes his colored ones home!

When he was away at Christmas, once in Tucson and once in England, I made the cookies and colored some and sent them to him.  He lived in barracks and he said the guys used to steal each others’ Christmas goodies from home.  Nobody stole his, cos his were easily identifiable!

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I have relatives who are far from here, and a dear friend, who will be in my heart and my head cos I won’t get to see them for Christmas.  We’ll talk and visit on the phone, and send each other gifts.  But I am blessed to have my mother, my son and several other dear relatives and friends here so that we can enjoy the comfort of each other and love over this special time.

I have a video I would like to share.  My mother sent me this, and the man who made it asked people to share it with as many people as possible.  This is a special and very different Christmas poem, to remind us that many of our military troops will not be home for Christmas.  It is sure to bring tears to your eyes.  Even if you don’t know anyone who is in a war zone or place of conflict, we all know they are somebody’s son or daughter, husband, loved one…who is being missed while they do what they’re doing to protect our freedom.  While we have a big meal and lots of warm happy times, we should all remember that their Christmas will be very different from ours.


Merry Christmas to all!

home for Christmas

2 responses to “Home for Christmas

  1. I offer prayers each night for those far away and
    the ones they’ve had to leave behind. It is because
    they “stand the wall” that we can live in safety. We
    bless each and every one.
    I enjoyed this blog, kiddo.

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