Chambersburg, you should go!



Many thanks to Downtown Business Council of Chambersburg, for sponsoring 1st Friday events downtown in Chambersburg, Pa. from May till December.    Chambersburg Council for the Arts does the organization, planning the children’s activites, lines up great music, etc.  The Arts Council does so much to promote the arts in Chambersburg.  Anne Finucane does a wonderful job planning and coordinating these events.  Thanks, Anne!

1st Friday events are held on the streets in the warm months, with people just strolling around enjoying art everywhere  and talking to the artisans. For the cold months we have been welcomed into the Capitol Theater. 

Artists and artisans of all types of media come to display and sell their artistic creations. In the summer, there were fun activities for kids on the street. 

In November, in the cold, we were warm and comfortable inside the huge theater.  The bar was open, there was a vendor selling some tasty hot dogs, and tables were set up in the middle of the large room for people to sit and chat and visit.  Live music entertained everybody.  They played some music from my “era.” 

In December, we were located at various spots in the lobby area of the theater and in the Arts Council.  It was cold outside, but people were bundled up and out enjoying the event.  There was lovely violin and guitar music, live! 

The events serve several purposes.  Promoting the arts is one.  Also, downtown areas of small towns are suffering due to big box stores, and an event like this brings people downtown to walk and chat and drop in to some of the unique small locally owned shops and stores located in the downtown area. 

Chambersburg has a lot to offer, and a lot of people come out to these events and all seem to enjoy them.  Chambersburg continues to attract people to come downtown even in January, with Icefest.  If you are local and haven’t been there to see these amazing ice carvings, you need to GO!

You should also go to the 1st Friday events next year, for a relaxing, enjoyable evening. Seeya in May! Check out SarasinArt!

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