The world didn’t end, Still time to save it!



It’s past time for the world to end, and I’m here typing.  I have some thoughts on all of that.  Of course I do, I ramble on like an old hippie who still believes there is hope for us.

For those who believe a human person who elevates himself to such a stature that he says he can predict such things, it’s sad that people get caught up in that.  Once before a man held his people in such a grasp that in the end  he served them Kool Aid, and they drank it.  900 of them died in a jungle.

So here we are, still living on our Mother Earth, but it could still end if we don’t find ways to change the way we treat her.  Each person can change the world in small ways.  We can not pollute.  We can recycle.  We can find ways to live more green.  We can find ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint.  Most of all, we can care.

I like to make people think.  I’d like to make some people think today about the earth they live on, maybe some people who didn’t think of it that way before,  and  changes they could make in their life that would make their life better, and improve the earth.

There are people who think this way, a lot of them!  And a group of them are on FB at  If you’re not into FB, there’s a magazine full of wonderful ideas for people to live more natural and peaceful lives.  This magazine has been around since we hippies came on the scene years ago!    It’s appropriately called Mother Earth News.


Care. Think.  Do.  You can help save the world!

sweet annie

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