A Patriotism lesson, in process

I was at a wonderful street festival,   http://www.amanicarlisle.com/Amani_Carisle/Welcome.htm

So many neat things to see, do, and eat!  And, I saw a lesson in patriotism, as it happened.

At the opening ceremony, after the words Ohhh and Say….everybody could name that tune, and everybody stood up and turned toward the stage.
Except for two young boys, maybe 14, who were running in the street and at that time, were running in the other direction.  A man of about 65 or so stopped them, said a few words to them, and they both stood still and turned toward the lady singing the national anthem.
After the song, he had quite a few more words with them.  Not angry, but you could tell he was getting his message across.  Then the walked away, and he did too.
But I went after him, and said Sir, thank you for educating our next generation.  He said he felt he had to, cos it sure looks like nobody else is.  Then he thanked me for coming out to say this to him.
Patriotism has always been important, and in our times, maybe more so yet.  A man on the street taught a gentle but important lesson to two kids, and I can only hope they will remember it.


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