Being Thankful, just because……….


It’s sad commentary that we have to consider being thankful for things we would like to be able to take for granted.  With so much unrest and problems in so many parts of the  world,  it’s scary to turn the news on at all.  But it’s hard to avoid the news cos it seems to represent what our world actually is today.

With wars and conflicts all over and nuclear issues and tsunamis,  I like to stop and think of what we do have  to be grateful for.

I am blessed with a home and a job that I enjoy and good food to eat.  No one is bombing or burning my town, and none of it has washed away, carrying people with it.

I am blessed with wonderful relatives who are alive and well and we are all able to care about each other.  No one will come and kill any of them, and hopefully each will die at a ripe old age, peacefully asleep.

I am blessed with friends who are warm and caring and believe in many of the same things I do, that peace would be excellent, if it could only be found.  No one will come to say that our friendships must end.

I am blessed with a love for the earth, and an ability to get out and work the earth with my hands to make things grow: beautiful things to look at, and good things to eat.  No one will destroy that love of growing things or cause me to forget how to do it.

I am blessed with a spirit that continues on in times of strife, and tries to always keep things in perspective, and reasonably good health.  Some day that will change, but that is the nature of things.

I am blessed with the ability to hope that things will get better and people will learn to get along better no matter their differences.   It would take a lot to make me ever give that hope up.

I would be blessed if people would read this and remember their own blessings, and reach out to others with a hand of kindness, to bring peace to a small part of the world around them.  If many of us would do that, peace would be found in many places.

More ramblings of an old lady who remembers simpler, more pleasant times.

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