We should never have to use the phrase “another school shooting”

magnolia flower

Twenty children and six adults, all innocent people, killed.  In Newton, Connecticut.

Small children, looking forward to Santa coming.

Parents, going to the fire house where children had been taken, going to retrieve their child.  Some had to be told their child was not there……their child was at the school.  The children at the school had died.

So many families affected by one man.  By one action, over in a few minutes.

I normally have a lot to say about injustices, but there aren’t words for this, except numbness and sadness.

As the mother of a grown son, I can’t even imagine.

We need to say a prayer or light a candle or meditate or whatever it is that we do, that this kind of horror can be stopped somehow.

Hug your children, and tell them that you love them.

7 responses to “We should never have to use the phrase “another school shooting”

  1. Hello,

    Our hearts are bleeding, this is so unfair! We are so sad for these innocent kids and their parents! And the traumatism for the other children! My God, how will we survive this and be able to avoid a new carnage? Christmas will be very sad for many people, and then to think Christmas is all children’s feast…

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