Christmas …..and cats

cat toy bird cat toy

MaChatte gets birds for Christmas.   Above is what a bird looks like when she first gets it.   Then she beats it around pretty good, and below is what birds  look like when they’re  well seasoned, and she can pick one  up quick in her mouth and take off with it. The beating they take causes them to lose their wings and tail first, and their voice next, cos when they’re new, they sing!

Here I lined up 3 old ones so she could contemplate birds.  We play a game where she picks one up and runs with it, then drops it, and I’m supposed to get it and throw it.  Then she gets it and we start over till, well, one of us gets tired of the game, lol.

cat toy

We had a cat many years ago, a beautiful Seal point Siamese, who had unusual……tastes, lol.  She liked the metallic tinsel we used to hang on the Christmas tree.  She liked it so much, she ate some of it several times, and then vomited it up.  I left more on the tree for a while, thinking she would learn, and not eat any more.  But no, she didn’t stop.  So for years our trees never had any tinsel on the bottom where she could reach it.  She wasn’t a climber, so the rest of the tree was safe from her unusual cravings. Cats do strange things sometimes and at Christmas time there are more dangers in your house for your cats.  Tinsel, for instance, might look good to eat!  Some of those pretty live plants you might get over Christmas are poisonous to animals.  Candles are a big one.  Most cats will instinctively stay away from fire, but jumping up on a surface and being surprised by a lit candle there could end up with spilled wax at best, or a burned cat at worst. (We won’t even mention your house!)   Some cat toys are even a problem.  MaChatte likes to put small things in her mouth, so if she gets a toy with a bell, for instance, that could come off easily, I remove it.

MaChatte wants to try everything at least once!   Be safe at Christmas and remember that our furbabies are so curious and devilish.

dangers to cats

MaChatte says have a Merry Christmas! She hopes you get fun toys if you are a cat!

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