Wonderful website of Shippensburg History

history of ShippensburgI was unaware of a  great website till recently.  Shippensburg Digital History Museum, http://webspace.ship.edu/jqbao/ShipMuseum/index.html, was started in 2009 by Shippensburg University Tch 560 in collaboration with Shippensburg Historical Society, http://www.shippensburghistory.org/

They have produced such a complete website of the history of our town; all areas of our history  are represented.  There is so much information that shouldn’t be missed by anybody interested in local history.

Thanks to the people who obviously put a lot of good work into this website.  We like our history here, and it covers a long time period and is so interesting.  Check it out!  And please come to visit us at Shippensburg Historical Society.  We are open to the public Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 1-4. We have lots of interesting things to show you!  And lots of information and help on your genealogy research too.

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