5 responses to “Oh, so you’ll get in the hamper……

  1. Oh maybe she did try to help with the laundry then. I had the washer open to soak the clothes a little. I heard a sound I never heard before……..she was on the floor with a funny look on her face and her back end wet. I guess she was walking along the edge of the washer, which she has done before, and —fell in! Poor girl doesn’t like to get wet, but she was wet!

  2. Sounds like one or more of our cats…getting a wet hind end for no obvious reason. Our latest drank from the toilet and/or the dripping tub spigot. He laid on dirty laundry on the floor. That’s where I found him the night he died. Have yet to get another…found a cat shelter in a nearby town we’ll visit together, when we can. 🙂 Haven’t done any cat poetry lately, since Tippie died, but you’re welcome to visit my blog—and the Archives for some! –Jonathan Caswell bythemightymumford.wordpress.com.

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