I retired.  After many long years of work, 24 of them most recently in the mental health field, it was time to hang it up.  I’m ready to have no real responsibilities 5 days a week, no early morning rude alarm clock awakenings, no more traveling in snowy cold weather.  This is all some  freedom I haven’t known for a lot of years.

I’m also ready to have time to do things I haven’t had time to do.  Serve on a Board that’s very important to me.  More time at Shippensburg Historical Society, which I love.  I can learn to use the new microfilm reader we got a while ago, and research more about my property and our town.  Once it warms up outside, I’ll be out digging in my dirt, lol. Regularly, cos nothing is better than connecting with the earth, planting  seeds, and growing food to harvest, eat, share, and put away for winter. That’s been my peace and my therapy for many years now, and now it can get better yet. I’ve already told people if they want to find me once it’s warm, don’t bother calling on the phone, just come by the house and look for me out in the yard, lol.

And also it’s time to rest. Rest is a very big and very interesting word.  That’s what it’s supposed to be; rest from a long time working, and be lazy some, and enjoy each day as it comes.  And live in Saturdayville.

I’ll miss the people and the agency I work for, and will go back to visit, cos they’re like family.  And they threw me the most amazing retirement party, with friends and co-workers from all over our system.  And made a wonderful memory book with pictures of so many people who have been part of my life for all these years.  It was an amazing day I’ll never forget.

But ahhh, no alarm clock……….

2014, really a new year.  Happy New Year to you, whatever path your life is on.  Be safe and happy.

13 responses to “Retired……..

  1. Wishing you all the best. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for hanging around HoB all this time. Much appreciated!

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