The most fun you can have with a peanut butter jar


A peanut butter jar isn’t usually fun, but it is if you put it outside and watch what squirrels do with it.  The smell drives them crazy, and exterminators use peanut butter bread in live traps when squirrels get in attics.  (Been there, know that, years ago, attic eave problem fixed, lol.)

I’ve seen one put his whole  body down in the jar, then scoot it across the grass with his back feet, trying to get the peanut better out of the bottom.  Also have seen them try to chew thru the bottom cos they could see a little peanut butter left in there.

If you have squirrels and put a jar out for them, you won’t have to wait long to see what they do.

5 responses to “The most fun you can have with a peanut butter jar

  1. Do you think there’s a possibility that a squirrel could get stuck in the jar? I have squirrels in my yard, I think this would be fun to see but that thought nags at me. Thanks for sharing!

    • No, cos these jars are big enough, but even if they were smaller, it would be easy for any squirrel to get out with the wide opening; they can always just back out. Squirrels are squirmy, they won’t get stuck. It’s a win-win; the squirrel gets some peanut butter, the humans get to watch and laugh.

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