Some bamboo is still frozen to the ground

hardy bamboo

We’ve had a really hard winter.  It’s the longest time period that I’ve ever had bamboo  laying down, frozen to the ground with snow still on and around it.  Most of our snow has melted, but the thickness of the bamboo makes enough shade to make some snow still last around there.  I was up there yesterday releasing some from the ground and watching it swing up 15′.

There are several rabbits taking advantage of the cover of a bunch of bamboo on the ground, bunched up together, hiding in there and nesting overnight.  Must be several, cos there is a lot of evidence  around there……….

rabbit manure

We’ll have 50 degrees for several days now, a nice tease of spring, before the temps drop again for several days beyond that.  There should be a lot of bamboo swinging back up then, and the rabbits will have to find another good place to hide from hawks and other predators.

11 responses to “Some bamboo is still frozen to the ground

    • Yea Jackie it always lays down with ice or snow, but there’s never been this much down this long before. And some people still say it was a normal winter………no! I just went up and sprung some more loose and it’s nice to see it swing back up to its full height. A bunch of crows were out there cawing all over cos I was in the bamboo making a ruckus, lol. They don’t like disturbance. They make everybody aware when something is going on.

  1. Hard to believe we had no snow at all in this part of the world. Today we broke another record, the warmest 9th March ever (21 degrees Celsius). We had coffee and cake outside in the garden…

    • I hope you had a nice pleasant afternoon. I’d love to see more pictures of your garden! You didn’t have snow, and now you have spring for sure, yaaay!

  2. Bamboo! I love it, but I always get dire warnings about it getting out of hand…do you experience that? That’s neat to see the evidence of the hiding rabbits too. Isn’t if funny how we find ourselves taking pictures of dinner plates and rabbit poops for our blogs? who knew??? hahhaha

    • Hahaha you’re funny, but yes, we do do that! I never took a picture of rabbit pellets before this, lol. Yes, the dire warnings about bamboo spreading are all so true. It shoots up from the ground several times each spring, and if you want to contain it, you have to break the shoots off. I swear once it’s thru the ground, it grows about a foot a day. And once it’s a foot tall, you can still break it off with your foot. But, if you wait beyond that, it’s already started to get woody and you have to get good loppers to take it off then. It is amazing stuff. I love having it, but you have to keep it contained or you have bamboo everywhere. It will send up shoots 6-10 feet away!

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