Stinging caterpillar, with poison

It might be good to show this again, since I never had a clue about these till one stung me last year.

Sarasin's thoughts.......

poisonous caterpillar

Reaching into the green beans.   Something stung my finger.  Started looking in there, without my glasses on, and everything up close is blurred without my glasses.  Saw something odd,  that didn’t look natural, looked like it should be plastic.  Finger hurts, finger getting numb and tingling at the same time.

In the house for glasses.   Oh, look at that, WHAT is that!  Finger hurts, still numb.  In the house for the camera.  Take pictures, finger not numb but hurts worse.

In the house to Google PA poisonous caterpillars, cos I obviously just got a little dose of a poison.

Saddle back caterpillar.  Never saw anything like it before in these 60 years of being outside doing things.   So I won’t die or lose a limb or anything, but it will hurt for a while.  You can Google him for more info.  I’d say watch out for them…

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4 responses to “Stinging caterpillar, with poison

    • Watch out Sam cos that was a nasty scary thing. I hope they all stay out in corn and deciduous trees where they belong. Ugly little……….well, you know. 🙂

    • I thought I might save somebody a sore finger Jackie. The articles did say that the effect was worse if your contact with the thing was stronger. I must have just brushed him ever so lightly, and that’s all it takes. And that was enough for me!

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