I still grow beans in the strangest places



I had posted before about green beans growing climbing a tomato plant, and this year I dropped one bean in a yucca plant and it got beans on.  https://sarasinart.net/2014/09/06/i-love-natures-miracles/

So, in the kitchen I have a pot of herbs.  Rosemary, oregano, basil, parsley.  I was standing there shelling out dried kidney beans a month or so ago, to cure them by leaving them in an open jar on the window sash for a while.  I had one bean that looked deformed and not so good to eat and I just dropped it in this pot of herbs. Didn’t even cover it up, just dropped it in there.

The pot gets good eastern morning light and my herbs do well there all year round.  And, it seems, so does one kidney bean plant.  It shot up about  a foot tall at first and I watched it to see what it would do.  Then it got several flowers and now has one big and one small pod on, with beans forming.  (Most beans will self pollinate.) The big one is about 1″ long.  It’s already too heavy for the plant to support it so it’s getting a little help from its friend rosemary, holding it up.

It’s amazing that a seed/plant would get this far along when it is so small,  but it’s thriving so far and I’m letting it do what it’s going to do.  Nature is always amazing.

4 responses to “I still grow beans in the strangest places

  1. I agree – nature is amazing! Always full of beautiful surprises. I love the picture – the cat mirror on the wall looks like it’s lurking in the plants.

  2. Thanks Jackie. I might have to try another kind of bean in a pot in the house just for fun. The cat mirror has been around my kitchen a long time.

  3. Just out of curiosity…was the dried bean from this years’ plants or from a previous year? Had it dried naturally in the sun, or by other means? You really have a green thumb lady! This is really cool.

    • It was from the ones I grew this year. I always leave any I want for seed get fairly dry on the plant, so they’re viable, and also so I don’t get any molding going on in a container full of seeds (or dried beans to eat.) I was drying these to eat. And evidently kidney beans aren’t important enough to genetically modify, cos these grew in the garden this year, from seeds I got right out of a grocery store bag. I only planted 5 seeds and I have a small jar full of dried beans, and it was just an experiment. Experiment successful, so I’ll plant some more next year. Green thumbs, fingers, toes…….. 🙂

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