Maybe I need a bigger pickin’ basket


It was a bounty this morning.  It was a little dicey picking the little sugar baby tomatoes which are right next to the black eyed peas, with the yellow jackets that are always around them.  But we all found a way to get along.

Half a dozen cucumbers, half a dozen  nice big red tomatoes, just a few green beans that Eliza will use in a dish to take to work for lunch,  along with her bowl of beautiful yellow plum and purple tomatoes she was out there picking.  (That’s not a snake in her bowl; keep reading, lol.)

yellow plum tomatoes

I’m thoroughly enjoying  the garden, being retired and having time to enjoy it, and also having these blessings of the earth all do so well and give us plenty of good stuff for ourselves and enough to share.

I’ll blanche and skin the big tomatoes and freeze them till I have enough to make a big pot of tomato sauce for good stuff in the winter.  (Onion, garlic, a little green pepper and some herbs go in that.) Dylan and Eliza like that too,  so I’ll make sure it’s a big pot. I also picked just a few dried kidney beans to cure and store, and the first chili to turn red, which I’ll use in my supper.


The Hopi orange Lima beans are one thing that constantly amaze me.  I’ve never seen a bean plant produce as many blooms as these do; so many that they remind me of grapes on a vine. Looking in here you can see clusters of flowers, and I know we’re going to have a lot of beans from this.  To save as seed, put in soups in the winter,  and eat plenty of fresh, which I love.

orange Lima beans

The Hopi seeds came from a friend who says they taste better than green Limas. When they’re fresh, they’re still green, but when you let them dry in the pods they look like this.  Thanks, Sam!

orange Lima beans

Still the most amazing thing we’re growing is Eliza’s Thai purple yard long beans, just cos they’re… odd!  I finally got the right light and the right flower to take a good shot of  one of the flowers this morning. It’s so pretty and ornate that it reminds you of an orchid.

purple beans

They’re slow to get started but they’re going good now, and I read that they do best in hot weather, which we now have.  July in Pennsylvania, yea.  Hmm, they probably think they’re in Thailand, lol.  Eliza picked the first one this morning and was putting it in her  sauteed lunch dish too.

Thai yard long beans

Summer, garden, fresh veggies, yea.  The ability to know how to let it all grow and have good land to do it, priceless. Blessed be.

21 responses to “Maybe I need a bigger pickin’ basket

    • So many things are doing so well, Sam. It’s the best growing year I’ve ever seen, and with so many different things growing, it’s all so much fun! I can’t wait to see your garden and your community garden. And that dumpster!

  1. Nice harvest!.

    I once grew an Italian bean similar in looks to your Thai yard-long bean (but not the same) called violetto that was like long purple snakes.

    • We really grow things in small amounts, so this good pickin all in one day is a bounty for me. I found some other interesting seeds from some rare seed companies while I was looking for these. There are lots of interesting things to grow. Makes me want to try more new things…..we’ll be enlarging some garden areas next year.

      • But to get a meal of fresh homegrown veggies every day is great thing. I’m just beginning to get carrots and kale now as I thin rows and onions and new garlic. Looking forward to the first summer squash tomorrow.

        Those seed catalogs are a weakness of mine.

      • Oh yes, I love being able to eat from the garden every day over the summer. The seed catalogs and websites, they’re a problem for me too, and my daughter in law too. Part of why the garden will be expanding some next year. 🙂

  2. I wish I was in a place where I could have a garden. Have you seen the price of vegetables and fruits in the store? They are crazy expensive and they don’t taste the same as those things that come fresh from the garden. My cousin has a farm in western PA and they have a wonderful garden. I told her the amount of tomatoes she has on her tomato plants would cost hundreds of dollars at the grocery store. And from her chickens, she has always has fresh eggs.

    • I do see those prices, and that’s just one of the reasons I like to grow stuff myself. I also like knowing how this stuff was grown. But our growing season is short, so the rest of the year I have to rely on grocery stores for fresh stuff, and that is what it is, but I don’t like the prices or the quality of a lot of that stuff.

      • yep…the quality of the ‘fresh” food at the stores is often lacking (to put it mildly). Often they price fruits and vegetables so high, that many people just don’t buy it Then when it all starts to wilt and turn rotten, they mark it down….and it is so bad, nobody buys it. If the prices were reasonable from the beginning, a lot of good vegetables and fruits wouldn’t end up being tossed out!

    • Thanks, Herman, glad you liked it. Healthy has to include some good chocolate and espresso tho, cos that’s all good for you too!

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