The life of our seeds….and us

dent corn for cornmeal

Here’s  quick post from my favorite soap box issue:  the owning of seeds and the destruction of our freedom to have and grow our own seeds.  Below is a link to a trailer of a longer movie coming out soon.

If you are unaware of this issue or believe it will have no impact on you, I urge you to search the internet and learn more. Then speak up, share the information with others, and do what you can to help people understand that we need to keep and grow our native seeds, heirlooms, that produce the same results generation after generation. It’s all part of the bigger issue of sustainability in general, but our food supply is such a big part of that, and our food supply is in question. That’s a  horribly scary thought.

Above is blue corn, given to me by a friend.  This corn has been grown by the Hopi Native Americans for hundreds of years.  One of many types of seeds I have and grow that can help sustain life, when GMOs and hybrids can not.

Be aware. Be talking to other people.  Be fighting against these big companies by not buying their products.  Even if you can’t/don’t grow any food yourself, you can and should help in some way with this, because you do eat.  You want your children and grandchildren to know what good food is, and have enough of it.

7 responses to “The life of our seeds….and us

  1. You’re so right of course Nancy. Glad to see you on your soapbox! I just wish there was going to be a screening here but they’re always in bigger cities. Anyway, thanks for spreading the seeds and the word!

    • I belong to a wonderful heirloom gardener FB page, lots of people learning and teaching, and they’re all talking about it on there. I just traded seeds with a lady from Ohio. Hopi Limas will be grown there this year. And from me talking about them, the admin of the page ordered some to grow in NC. Spread those ideas and seeds around, yesss! And thank you again for the Hopi blues. I’m planting 3 Sisters with that, turkey craw beans and some squash! 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share information here (and on Facebook) that helps us understand how important these things are. 🙂

    • You’re so welcome Jackie. I like to talk it up and make people who aren’t aware get to thinking, and doing whatever they can.

  3. Thank you for alerting us to the film. It isn’t coming anywhere near me but I will be watching for it on dvd. I would love to be part of a group of seed savers when I move but I don’t do facebook. Any chance there is someone in the group who lives in Louisville KY I could contact by phone or email?

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