The beginning of the garden

heirloom vegetables

I had a guy till up a bigger area cos our garden is growing.  It doesn’t have anywhere to go more than this, so we will make good use of all the space.  I have some weed cloth down where tomatoes and a couple other things will go, and mulched walkways between some areas, to keep down weeds as well as make mud-free places to walk.  In addition to this area, there is an herb bed and pots in the back.

container gardening

I already have peas and onions planted inside the fenced area, cos those things can take more cold and are traditionally planted here early. And they are coming up, putting their little noses up for the sun.

Some things need to get started early and inside, so there are little pots with seedlings on several of my window sashes, at my great eastern facing windows. We’re having some really cold nights, and those pots go out in the day time, into a little greenhouse my son got me for Christmas. Those pots have mostly quite a few kinds of tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers.  Later, after our safe day of 5/15, we’ll plant things that go right into the ground: cucumbers, several kinds of beans and Limas, some herbs that don’t like the cold, and this year we’re trying growing the 3 Sisters companion planting idea.

Lots of fun planned, and lots of good food to grow, heirloom plants that give you the same product year after year.  And we’ll try some canning of pickles and jellies, including hot pepper jelly.

If you’re a gardener, I hope you’re gearing up too, and will have a great growing season.  The good earth will send forth her blessings once again.  And  of course, I’ll be posting pictures!



7 responses to “The beginning of the garden

  1. Oh it looks wonderful Nancy! You can grow a lot of food in a space that size. May your gardens and efforts be blessed this season and always.

    • Thanks Sam. Getting older, one never knows whether this might be my last garden, so I plan to make the best of it. I hope you have good results too, and the earth’s blessing grow all around you. Send me your cornbread recipe, and maybe it will be a good omen that these squirrels will let me have some corn! Be well friend.

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