Hundreds of birds have a refuge

ornamental bamboo

Every evening near dusk, hundreds of sparrows come to spend the night in the bamboo. They are all around all day, eating seeds I put out on the patio for them and the other birds.

Sometimes something scares them and I can watch a huge flock of them fly out of the bamboo, go somewhere for just a minute or two, and come right back.

There is always a lot of chirping going on just before dark. It’s neat to go over near the bamboo and either clap or whistle, and all the chirping stops for maybe 10 seconds, but they don’t fly out.  Then, they must figure it’s all safe, and the chirping starts up again.

They’ve been doing this for years in the winter. The bamboo stays green in the winter, while most of the other trees around here lose their leaves and the birds wouldn’t have any kind of cover from weather. The leaves do provide some protection from rain and snow, as well as safety from hawks, owls, etc.  It’s nice to know I can provide a safe haven for them to sleep for the night.  Our little wild friends have a good home around here.

7 responses to “Hundreds of birds have a refuge

  1. Love your writing. The bamboo quality of shelter sounds wonderful. Do you remember the name of your bamboo? I’ve been put off by bamboo’s invasive habits. Did yours “stay put”?

    • Thank you. Mine never had a name, lol, cos I got it from some friends who were moving away, 15 years ago. You do need to be very careful where you plant it, cos invasive, oh yes. It sends out roots 10-15′ and every spring I have to break off shoots to keep it contained. I have several other posts about my bamboo, and you can use the search spot on the blog to read them. Including a picture of a shoot that came up thru the bottom of a plastic pot! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you enjoy it. I find much more to write about during gardening season.

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