Seven years of blogging



7 years ago (2/11/10) I started to write a blog, mostly about a small business I did for a while.  Life got in the way and I didn’t continue that for more than a couple years. but by that time I liked writing a blog, so on I went.  Loyal readers and drop in folks have had 7 years of rambling by the hippie chick about MaChatte (first picture I ever posted of the kitten MaChatte), gardening, antiques, history, mental health, various physical health issues in getting old(er), nature and yard stuff, heirloom seeds and the soapbox I get onto, sustainability and how we’re destroying our blessed home the earth, and on and on she went.

I still enjoy it and on she goes, less in the winter cos there’s not as much good stuff to write about as there is in the warmer months. (read: garden, lol)  Along the way I’ve developed some good internet relationships: people who read and like and comment on each others’ blogs. And some of those folks and I have gotten  to “know” each other as well as people across vast amounts of land and an ocean can, and that’s good stuff and one of the marvels of modern technology. You know who you are and I appreciate the contact with each one of you!

And I appreciate people who stumble onto a topic from wherever, cos it all makes for better blogging, and that’s a good thing.

MaChatte is older and I’m sure not getting any younger either, but there’s still a lot to say.  And learn, from other peoples’ great blogs.

And on and on she goes…………

4 responses to “Seven years of blogging

  1. Always love visiting this warm and gentle place… I got a feeling this is only the beginning…!!

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