Shippensburg – My Kind of Town

Here’s a nice new blog written by our Director at Shippensburg Historical Society.

George's Attic

My kind of town  is not like Frank Sinatra’s…Hopefully you got that.  Chicago is nothing like Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  The Windy City is one of the United States’ largest cities, while Shippensburg has less than 5,000 residents.  Shippensburg has a small town charm and intimacy that you will not find in a large city.  I have been a member of the Shippensburg community since 2011 when I came for my first day of college in August of that year.  As an ambitious eighteen year old, I did not realize the history that is hidden in the small town.  Life seemed to go at a different pace as a student at Shippensburg University than it does in the town and it would take me a couple years to find out why.

Shippensburg is your stereotypical small south-central Pennsylvanian town.  It is mostly German influenced when it comes to its culture.  These larger towns…

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