A blue eyed unicorn……..


A blue eyed unicorn, now there’s something you don’t see every day. But I saw one, yesterday with Dylan and Eliza at the Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex. https://www.greatamericanoutdoorshow.org/

There were lots of outfitters exhibiting; many had animals from their areas, and several showed that some taxidermists have a good sense of humor. Jack a lopes fighting, you just don’t see that either, and that one thing, whatever combination of animals it is.


outdoor show

Huge tanks with local fish in. Those were the only animals that were alive, except for several wonderful dogs there with their people.

outdoor show

fishing, hunting

Eliza shot a bow with a low pull and did good hitting the target.


Guns, archery stuff, boats, everything large and small that you can think of for outdoor activities. We walked about 5 miles and had some good food, and all had a good time.



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