A most wonderful vacation

Ocean City MD

We had such a good time during our week at the beach.  This picture was looking across the inlet and part of the bay; a sailboat had come in to the bay to avoid a big rain storm that was coming the next day. That might be my favorite picture of all that I took.

The town is all developed now compared to what it was years ago, and is very commercial, but some old ways still remain. You can still get Thrasher’s French Fries (the best in the world, BTW) on the boardwalk, and the Kite Loft still flies amazing kites on their beach.

Ocean City MD

Lots of good food is still available all over the place and there are still seagulls to feed, one of my most fun things to do.

feeding seagulls

They put some interesting murals on some big blank walls to add interest and show some of the town’s history.


And out near where we stay, some people show they really like living at the beach.

mail box

I can’t wait to go back.

6 responses to “A most wonderful vacation

  1. I grew up in Maryland, about 2 hours away from the ocean. When I was little, my parents used to take us (9 children) camping at Ocean City Maryland for 2 weeks every summer. The smell of salt water, sand, rolling waves, and sea gulls–I loved it. I would love to be there standing on the shore again..

    • I would love to live close to there, but the winters are bad and sometimes there are floods from storms. And you have to be a millionaire cos the property is priced for a resort area.

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