Poor little mouse


You never know what you might discover in the garden. I just disrupted someone’s transportation system, and life!

I had put weed cloth and cardboard down in an area of the garden in the spring, to make a weed-free area to grow 4 squash plants. Now I’ve decided I’m getting too old for this much garden, and a part of it will go back to grass next year. So the weed cloth and cardboard had to go.

I lifted the cardboard and started lifting the weed cloth, which was underneath.  What?  Tunnels, more than 1″ deep, under the weed cloth. Tunnels, mouse!

So I followed the one tunnel to the edge of that area, to a path between two garden areas. There is more weed cloth and some flagstone on that path.  The one tunnel ended at a piece of flagstone, and went under it.


When I lifted that piece of flagstone up, a hole!  Big enough for a mouse for sure.  That tunnel would then go under the flagstone path and to where the tomatoes are.


Sometimes the simplest things fascinate me. Sorry, little mouse, for disturbing your way of life.

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