Time to make tomato sauce

tomato sauce

I ran out of my tomato sauce in May.  That won’t happen again next year.

I’ve been taking off tomatoes as they came ripe and blanching, skinning, coring and freezing them till I had a lot. (I didn’t grow any Romas this year and they’re great for sauce.  So I bought some of them from a wonderful veggie man just up the road to add to mine.)

Then one day when it looks like enough, it’s time to make sauce!  Since they’re already skinned and any blemishes and core removed, it’s pretty easy after that.  It just takes practically all day, but it sure is worth it.

I cut up one nice red pepper and one white onion for in all this. Added some garlic powder and a couple of dried herbs, and started pots of tomatoes cooking.  In about an hour, the whole kitchen smelled like an Italian restaurant. I simmer it for almost 4 hours, till the rawness flavor is gone. Then freeze it in containers.

In the winter, I’ll make soups and pasta dishes and all sorts of good things. Grow it, fix it, eat it, love it! The blessings of the earth are amazing.

tomato sauce

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