You know your cat is in charge when………..

black cat

Such a sweet little cat, right?  She is, to me, but hates everybody else.

So, when I go away for a week in the summer, she has to deal with a wonderful SIL baby sitter for 7 days. My SIL comes once each day to give her canned food, fill her dry food and water, and clean her box.  She also remembers to give her her daily treats.  She also take the toys that have been carried to the kitchen and brings them back to her toy area, and some get carried out to the kitchen again the next day.

She gets her basics taken care of, even tho mom’s not home.  But there’s no mail man to wait on and try to attack every day, which is one of her favorite things to do.  She lays on the back of the couch waiting on him, daily, with no regard for holidays and Sundays.  She gets up on the window sill when she sees him coming and scratches on the glass and tries to tear him to pieces.  He is amused by all that, tho he says he is glad there is glass between them, since she’s very serious about the attacks.  I often say to her in the morning:  today’s the day you’re going to get the mailman!

But mom’s not there to sit on the couch with in the evening, and nobody plays with her.  My SIL would play with her, except she never sees her: she normally stays upstairs when anybody comes.  Occasionally she sees her briefly sitting on the landing with a look on her face, like: Oh, you again.

When I get home, there is trouble for me, because I deserve to be punished for being away: screamed at, hissed at, generally given the business for about 4 hours.  Seriously. Later, all is forgiven, and lovey-dovey returns to normal.  Till next year.

I hope you can see this video.  I am impressed with her spirit, and careful to keep away from her, till it’s over.



4 responses to “You know your cat is in charge when………..

  1. That is one bossssy cat. Let’s you know who runs the house but also that all is forgiven. Did you get a new toy for the cat since you were away so long?

  2. Haha… you got to love this post for sure… What a cat, it’s her way or the highway! MaChatte rules!
    I always love to compare cats with humans, you can see so many different characters in our furry friends.

    • Herman after 4 hours, I had been punished enough and she had said all that she needed to say. 🙂 Then lovey-dovey was back to normal. She has a bigger personality than any cat I’ve ever known.

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