A mysterious, wonderful thing

Away at the beach on vacation, I discovered this wonderful thing on a bay side beach.  Everything in it is natural, so when the bay tide eventually takes it away, it won’t add anything to the bay that shouldn’t be there.

I asked on a Face Book page for locals in the town it’s in, whether anybody had any info about it, and no one did.  So it’s not a thing that locals do frequently.

The central part does look like a representation of a stick figure.  Somebody………..

Is it a shrine, that maybe someone died near there?   Or an offering to the spirit of the water? An offering and plea for the safety of the commercial fisherman who fish the ocean around that whole area every day?

I will never know. Only those who placed it there will know, and the recipient to whom it was directed.  I will just  know that I felt honored to be able to see it and understand that it was beautiful, obviously very important, and that it took a lot of thought and care to place it there, along the edge of the water.

4 responses to “A mysterious, wonderful thing

  1. That’s a beautiful and mysterious sculpture. I’m wondering myself what it could mean and who made it…
    Hope you’re having a great vacation out there!

  2. The marsh on San Francisco Bay just north of the Bay Bridge in Emeryville used to be a weirdly dynamic exhibit of sculpture that was made from debris that floated in on the tides. Much of it was driftwood. Much of it was trash. It was all unique and weird. Some people really disliked it, believing it to be mere trash. Even if if perceived as mere trash, it was a commentary on how much trash floated about the San Francisco Bay back then. National Geographic did an article on it back in the 1970s sometimes. As a kid, I found it to be very compelling. I remember seeing an exhibit of Rodin sculpture in Stanford years later, and although impressed with what the sculpture expressed, I do not remember being any more impressed than I was by the weird sculptures on the marsh in Emeryville. I doubt anyone would be allowed to do it now.

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