Sharing, caring

 A wonderful thing has appeared in our little town.  People caring about people.  I was happy when we got a couple Little Free Libraries, but this is better yet, cos it’s about food.
  This Little Pantry is at the Lutheran church in town. People put food items in it, or hygiene items, and anybody who needs something from it can take what they need.
  What a good thing for people; givers and receivers both.  To be able to have enough to share some of your blessings is a beautiful thing.  It doesn’t cost much to add a couple items to the box, and finding good things in it can mean so much to somebody else.  Giving, receiving; one never knows when they might be in need of something, and hoping that there will be a giver out there somewhere.
  The best gift one can ever give is the gift given to someone who will never repay you.

11 responses to “Sharing, caring

  1. Always love to read such warm stories of people helping each other. It makes me feel good. Thank you for sharing!

    • It made me feel good to find out about it Herman. There are still lots of good people, all over. Here, sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that, more often.

  2. That is so excellent! We do something similar, and there is such an abundance of food, bedding, clothing, etc. that some of it goes to waste. Are there any complaints? My other blog ‘Felton League’ started as a Facebook group that was designed to expose the abuses directed toward the less fortunate in our Community. We had established hate groups here. (They became popular for a while but are much less popular now that those involved realized how hateful they are.) Such hate groups are the modern Ku Klux Klan of the socially marginalized. May I share your post on Felton League?

    • Absolutely you may share it! We don’t have a lot of homeless people in our little town of 5,000. But we do have a lot of hungry people. There is a big food bank connected to a church and they distribute food 3 nights a month. And a produce organization that also distributes produce those nights. That’s all big and organized and a wonderful service to those in need in our community. This Little Free Pantry is more quiet and out of the way, so a person could just go get a couple good things. By the looks of it the times I’ve been there to add things, people are aware and are taking food out of it. It makes me smile to gather up a few things at the store when I’m there, and it doesn’t cost much to give some happiness to some other person. 🙂

      • Thank you so much. I will go back to find it and share it.
        There are only a few homeless people in our town of about 2,000, but there is an active hate group that blames the few homeless people for everything bad that happens here, and makes up bad things when there is not enough to blame the homeless for. Everyone knows that they are crazy, but they still make, problems, particularly for sheriff deputies who have better things to do than respond to every 911 call about someone getting off a buss with a backpack. These hate groups who target the homeless and impoverished are modern versions of the Ku Klux Klan. It seems that by the time society starts to discriminate against a particular groups less, they find another group to target, or make up a group.

      • Well, I should be more concerned with the vast majority in our Community who are not hateful. As bothersome as the haters are, there are only a few of them.

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