There is always peace in the garden

On this Memorial Day, we honor those who bravely served our country and gave their lives in the fights. It used to be a good day for large celebrations and picnics, tho many people still remembered the true purpose of having such a day. Now everything has changed in the way we act, and big gatherings aren’t good, tho some are still acting like there’s no issue going on. That’s another topic for another day.

My herb bed above has parsley, chives, sage which are all perennials. Just for fun in the center I planted 3 pea plants to have maybe a couple servings for me and a few peas for Geyri, my little uromastyx. I bought the yellow pansies just for him, after learning that uromastyx like them. He did like them till he found out there were dandelions in the world. They are like uro candy. Now he won’t eat the pansies, but they’re still pretty bright spots of color. In the center of that bed are 6 nasturtium seedlings. Supposed to be well loved by uros too. Some of them are very picky, so we’ll see…….They are edible by humans too; people put them on their salads. I’ve never tried them, but I will. Maybe Geyri will give me competition for the flowers. (My neighbor keeps some trailers in her lot above me. Good place for rabbits to hide under.)

More pretty pansies in pots are down near the bean pergola, and my little concrete stool, good for sitting a spell and contemplating oh, the garden, the world, the chaos around us, or Memorial Day. My peonies are just about to break open in flowers. Grandma called them Decoration Flowers, since it was the custom to take flowers to the graves of family members on Memorial Day. Peonies were some of the only flowers blooming at that time of the year, so we always took bouquets in vases to the graves. From people I know, most people don’t do that any more.

Last year I grew cucumbers along the tomato row. A couple got lost and forgotten and huge, so I left them lay there, hoping they’d seed themselves. So here are volunteer cukes, exactly where I would have planted them.

Of course I can’t mention Geyri, my little uromastyx, without a picture making him more famous in my blog, lol. He sure likes his dandelions. I’ll have to try to explain that there won’t be any once summer is over, but for the next best thing, I’m drying some for him to have in the winter. He does like them dried, but fresh are so much better.

Rambling along thru the garden, on Memorial Day, a day to remember our fallen warriors. With no big celebration or picnic to go to, it was a good day to remember the importance of those who gave everything, while I worked in the peace of the garden.

Be well in such troubled times, troubles of all sorts. Count your blessings where you find them, cos we still have plenty.

23 responses to “There is always peace in the garden

  1. I enjoy your posts. Here’s one thing you may have never tried. Cut your purple Chive blossoms off, wash, spin dry, and place in little jars. Add canning vinegar to top. Sit aside. Voila! In 2 weeks you’ll have lovely Chive Vinegar for gifts for folks’ summer salad days.

  2. Glad to see how you find some peace of mind in your beautiful garden. You are so right, we live in very troubled times, but we must count our blessings where we find them, we still have plenty like you said.
    Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • And you stay safe too, and your father. Since I’m home so much, the garden should get plenty of attention this year. Show us some pictures of your lovely garden. You and Jimi out there, drinking coffee and enjoying peace yourself. ❤️

      • Unfortunately, Jimi is grounded for the moment. I can’t keep him in the garden anymore. He’s always breaking out and checking out the gardens of my neighbours. I’l will post about it soon…
        My Dad is ok and in a very good condition.

      • Keep dad away from the world. It’s lonely, but safe. Oh no, Jimi! You figured there was trouble coming with him wanting to go exploring. Keep him safe too. 👍

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