Quick bean recipe, healthy and good

climbing green beans

I’m growing quite a few green beans and a few black eyed peas. Here’s a quick, easy, interesting recipe.  And healthy! I have a few vegetarian and Vegan readers that can easily adapt this to their liking too.

Let a few green beans on the plants longer that you would, till you can feel real beans inside them.  (They are  available canned in the store mixed with regular green beans and it will be called green beans and shelly beans. Some southern based companies make them.)  Split your beans and get the shelly beans out.  They will be white or light brown, definitely not dried yet.

Take some ready-to-pick green beans, some shelly beans and some black eyed peas picked before they are dry.  Put those all together and cook them about 10 minutes.  I then strain them and add some butter and some garlic powder.  You could add onions, and you could also add bacon, but they’re so good without the bacon.  Makes a great side dish and if you don’t eat butter you could substitute something else that fits your Vegan food style.

Mmmm, good!

8 responses to “Quick bean recipe, healthy and good

  1. I never heard of shelly beans before but I love green beans and i love black eyed peas so this sounds great to me…. I usually cook my veggies with coconut oil and fresh chopped garlic… but I do love butter too!.

  2. Me too. Beans are good food! I get a bag of dried beans of different kinds, and another bag of dried beans and whole grains, and mix them together. Good in soups, or alone with garlic and onions.

  3. I love beans! I have seen those cans of Bush’s cut green beans and shelly beans but never tried them. I generally try and stay away from the canned stuff but I think I will make an exception as long as the sodium count is not too high. Thanks for the recipe and including vegans and vegetarians. 😀

  4. You’re so welcome. I remember several people commenting about being vegetarian. I looked at that link and see that there are 400 mg of sodium per serving. I watch sodium close myself. They’re good; I’ve had them. I’m not vegetarian, but do eat way less meat than I did a few years ago, so lots of dishes without meat appeal to me too.

  5. I’m having flashbacks… Beans in combination with bacon was one of my Mother’s recipes. So delicious!

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