Almost 4 years……….

icy trees

2/11 will be 4 years that this old opinionated hippie chick has been rambling along, and more to come.  Thanks to so many dedicated readers who follow along, comment and like my posts.  I enjoy so many of your blogs too, and it’s nice to find like-minded people who can share little bits of each others’ lives.

I’m retired now and have more time but I also keep busy, and not always saying as much on here.  I’m lovin’ it and so is MaChatte, who says it’s good to have more play time, lol.  Spring will be along and there will be things need said about gardening and healthy eating and seeds, and well, you know, all that good warmer weather stuff. And who knows what kinds of stories this crazy cat might inspire!

For now, enjoy the rest of the winter, and be well and happy.


8 responses to “Almost 4 years……….

  1. Four More Years! Four More Years! This world is a much better place because of us old opinionated hippies. Never give up and never give in even tho a hard rain’s a gonna fall……

  2. Congratulations! That’s quite an achievement. I’m glad you have been blogging that long otherwise we might never have met. Here’s to many more years! 😀

    • It was ice covered, cos everything here was covered with ice. Thankfully tho not as much ice as some places that lost power. It’s a bush I bought at a greenhouse years ago, just called red tipped plant, lol. I know there must be another name, but that’s been it’s only name so far. I hope you don’t get ice!

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