Ice so hard I can walk on top of it…………


And yet leaves lay on top and melt their way down into the hard crust.  Although I hate the cold and ice, mother nature many times surprises us in the midst of whatever she has dished out.


5 responses to “Ice so hard I can walk on top of it…………

    • Isn’t that cool? As soon as I saw it, I had to have it recorded and shared. I hadn’t seen it before either, but our ice situation is a little different right now…….

  1. I talked to two of my girls in Ohio this morning and they said the exact same thing: Snow so frozen they can walk on top of it without sinking! Wonder why the leaves sink? Freezing and thawing maybe?

    • I guess the leaves, just being a natural material laying there, soak up any sun rays etc and melt the surface a layer at a time. I had never seen that before. I hope you didn’t get ice down there.

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