The music of nature

house wren

Such a tiny bird; if you could hold one in you hand you probably wouldn’t even notice the weight.  But industrious little parents and home builders, they match the big birds in all that.  These two have been building and working at making a nest for a couple weeks.  Getting very upset with me if I hung things on the clothes line.  Then today I see they are starting to carry stuff out instead of in….pieces of egg shell! They have babies! Now they’ll be carrying bugs in to feed them. They get really busy then.

Jenny wrens, also called house wrens, get here around 5/1 every year and many times raise two clutches, and the mated pair come back to the same location again.  They won’t go in boxes that have perches, or large holes, cos it makes it easier for other birds to stick their heads in and peck their eggs.  Oh, and don’t ever try to  be kind and clean out their box after they leave.  They prefer to do that themselves!  Nature and science and magic are sometimes all the same thing.

I tried to get to both see them and capture their song at the same time, but they won’t go near their box if I’m too close.  It would give away the nest location, and these birds are very smart and protective.  So I stood back a ways and you can see one sitting on the line if you look close, and one flying away. And you can sure hear her singing. I posted the video from YouTube below.

The magic of nature, the music of summer.  I love having these little birds live in my yard.


5 responses to “The music of nature

  1. OOHH I loved this Nancy! Your back yard looks like a park, it’s so lovely Thanks for taping and all, I could listen to that all day.

    • Only part of that is mine, up to the other clothes pole, then the field and woods belong to my friends across the alley. The side yard is where the action is, that’s where the food grows, lol. You’re welcome! I love these little birds. My father started my interest in them when I was a kid, and it has stuck. On 5/1 every year, I’m listening for that big song. Do you have them there? There’s another little wren that’s got a big song around here too, Carolina wren. They don’t nest near my house tho.

  2. Great post! I could listen to the sounds of nature all day long! The forest that surrounds me is like a listening to a symphony of bird songs: Red Wing Blackbirds, Catbirds, Sparrows, Finches, Robins, and many others that I have not identified yet. What a delight! 🙂

    • Thanks. I have lots of wildlife here too and it adds so much to life to be able to live among all that. Enjoy your nature walks and we enjoy your great photos!

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