Now about Wilbur……….


Last fall I wrote a couple blogs about our resident groundhog (thief) Wilbur. Well, now there is more story about Wilbur, and I need to especially say that he is not Wilbur, she is Wilburina!

We’ve been seeing him now and then this spring, but not a lot.  Now we know why……..he is she, and yesterday my neighbors across the alley saw HER bringing her 3 babies out from under the garage and taking them up in the field behind my property.  She said they are little, and cute and don’t seem afraid of people.  I hope nobody messes around with them tho, cos a mother groundhog is as nasty as a mother bear at protecting her young.

I read that she doesn’t bring them out of the den till they’re a month old, and they leave her care when they’re about 3 months old. They are solitary animals so the babies will go off somewhere then to find a place to dig their own dens. They are full grown at about 2 years old.

So, my daughter in law is getting more dried corn and I got some tomatoes to put down in along the retaining wall, cos Wilburina needs to eat well to nurse 3 pups!  We are such softies for animals here.  I haven’t seen them myself, but soon, I hope!


P. S.  This morning Eliza saw them and there are 4 pups.  Tomato and carrots went away, and I put out more……..  🙂

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