A wonderful Mother’s Day

My son and daughter in law discovered a wonderful place last year.  Lake Tobias, in Halifax, Pa.  is a wildlife preserve with many different kinds of animals. The preserve has been in operation for over 50 years. They get their animals from various places. Some are born there, and some come as rescues, when they can’t stay where they were for whatever reason.  https://www.laketobias.com/ The kids took me there for Mother’s Day and it was a perfect day.

Lake Tobias is a huge place, with a 27 acres of grazing area for large animals, lots of space for smaller ones, with good environments for them to live in.  Then there is a large area of farm country around it, where they raise a lot of the food for the animals. Vets are available to treat issues any animal might have.  The staff know the animals’ names and you can see that the animals are happy in their environments.

Lake Tobias

You walk all around to see animals in their habitats.  You can ride in an open bus out to the grazing area and many of the large animals out there will come to the bus to take food from your hand.


And they also have a petting area, with various goats and sheep running around.  They also take food from your hand, and follow you around to get more.

This mother and 2 babies were so cute.

A new animal this year is a baby camel named Jethro.  Eliza and Dylan really like him.

And I think the one animal that’s all of our favorites is a white  camel whose name is Alice.  We all spent a lot of time with her.

We had some good food from the snack bar and also went in their gift shop.  It was good weather, the best company for a Mother’s Day, and an amazing place to be for 3 animal lovers. I’m ready to go again, any time.

Lake Tobias


3 responses to “A wonderful Mother’s Day

  1. That’s so beautiful. Glad you had a great Mother’s Day in company of your son and daughter in law.

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