There he sits, in the snow


He’s waiting for life to sprout up from the frozen ground and produce lots of veggies. And my little stool just sits there, waiting for me to sit on it for a break from tending the garden, and maybe drink coffee, and rest among the magic of the earth.

It’s less than 2 weeks till the old pagan day of Imbolc, the Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring.  On that day in the northern hemisphere, roots of plants start to stir under the ground, even if the ground is frozen or covered with snow.  Juices start to flow, to get ready to send life back up from the earth, as the wheel of the year continues to turn.  It’s not a coincidence that here in Pa, we bring up the groundhog from his hole to see if he sees his shadow.  Other places also bring out  animals and have other celebrations as well on that day.

He sits down there and looks over the garden. As for me, I’ll just need to be patient. I can start seeds for tomatoes and peppers in the house in a while and baby sit them till it’s time to put their little plants out for the growing season. That will not be for a long while, cos winter is never done with us yet at this point, no matter what the ground hog says.  Patience is hard when you want to grow things, but winter is reality.

So it’s Today, and Today is what we have.  Enjoy your Today.

17 responses to “There he sits, in the snow

    • You too Herman, cos winter isn’t over for you either and I know you don’t like it. You and Mr. Bowie can be out in your beautiful garden in a while. I hope he’s doing well.

      • He doesn’t mind the bad weather and he can’t guard the garden from inside the house. I might get him a little stocking hat to help keep his ears warm. One of my other readers suggested it. 😊

      • No, nothing creepy. Squash bugs in the summer but not now; they’re creepy. He’s just in charge off seeing whatever goes on out there. He also watches the house……..

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