A little silly fun


These two little kids sit in a small town park. Every year, somebody, and nobody seems to know who, puts hats on the kids for the winter.  This year they also have scarves, which is good, cos we’ve had a cold winter.

Last year, this guy came to live in my garden.  My aunt said his name should be Sir Albert, cos he looks like he’s important.


Anita, one of my readers, said he looks cold without a hat or scarf.  You’re right, Anita, and why didn’t I think of that!  Another reader, Tony, said he looks a little creepy.

garden statue

Today  Sir Albert got a hat, cos more winter is coming.  So Tony, does he look more or less creepy with his hat on?

You gotta have a little silly fun now and then, cos it keeps you from going crazy in the times we’re in.  A gargoyle with a hat is not the strangest thing you’ll read about on line today.

Have a good Today, cos Today is what we have.

15 responses to “A little silly fun

  1. I love the picture of the kid statue with hats and now scarves. I remember that you have posted it before. The hat looks great and I’m sure he appreciates it given winter is still around. On the other hand, he has a very zen master quality about him so he probably takes all things in his stride. 😉

  2. Love it! Now he looks better prepared to sit in the cold to guard the garden. Doesn’t he look happier to you? He does to me.

    • Oh no, I thought the hat might normalize him for you, lol. He seems to like it, and it’s making people smile, and smiles are a good thing. 🙂

      • Just a little silly fun. We have to get thru these winters somehow. One of my local readers, who writes only on the FB posts of the blog, agreed with you tho: he’s more creepy with the hat! 🙂

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