Blogging, a long time

It’ll soon be 8 years I’ve been rambling along on my blog. 2/11/10, 457 posts ago.  MaChatte was about one year old, I was young(er), many things have happened, many words have been written, and many pictures of bits of my world shared.

I’m happy to have so many followers reading the blog and commenting, and I enjoy reading so many of yours as well. A couple of you have been reading these almost from the beginning, and I feel like I “know”some of you, as well as you can know somebody on the internet.

I’ll keep rambling and after a while it’ll be time to show garden pictures and grow good food in the  yard. And a couple little fun trips around here, and whatever else flies thru the  brain of the opinionated, old(er)!, hippie chick.  Thanks for following along as I ramble. And peace to all, if that’s ever possible.

13 responses to “Blogging, a long time

    • Thanks Herman. She’s not interested in getting in there like she was when she was younger. We grow older and go on to other things……. Hope you and Mr. Bowie have had a nice weekend. Rock on!

  1. Congratulations! 8 years is quite an accomplishment. Thank you so much for sharing so many interesting things. I look forward to reading your blog for many more years. 😀

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