Dragons to feed, really


Around Imbolc, the day the juices start to flow under the ground, the seeds appear at Lowe’s and other places. Not wanting to make a spectacle of myself, I try to avoid clapping and cheering when I see them. 🙂 I haven’t seen them yet, but soon.

I have most of what I need cos I’m a seed saver and heirloom gardener. But I’ll have to get some seeds for mustard greens, cos Eliza and Dylan feed that to their dragons. Growing dragon food, that’s a first for me.  Yea, there be dragons, specifically bearded dragons.  This is Malcom.


They eat crickets and other bugs, some leafy greens, fruit  and also the summer squash that I grow.

summer squash

Yep,  gardening is good for the soul, good for the earth, and good for growing lots of good food, for me and family, and now……dragons.

10 responses to “Dragons to feed, really

    • I already grow several herbs they will like, and mustard greens will be a new addition. They just got their dragons, so this is a first this spring, a dragon garden. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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