Rambling along in the spring

Just rambling about spring, and whatever.  The happy little tree bloomed, and it was beautiful! Albert, guardian of the garden, enjoyed it too. https://sarasinart.net/2019/04/11/spring-things-and-other-good-stuff/

It was so interesting that after I posted about the tree, a blogger I follow from California gave me some advice about it; good advice I needed. It is a grafted tree and there are things I need to look for because of that.  The internet makes the world a small place.  Thanks, Tony.

I put the trellises up for the tomato structure, all wired together to give good support for 6 big tomato plants.


They aren’t big tomato plants yet.  They are 3″ tall and waiting in my little hoop house till it’s time to be planted out, probably next week. 6 kinds of tomatoes, and I also have 4 kinds of peppers, hot and sweet both, in there too. The peppers go in pots. (All heirloom plants, which is a soap box for another day, and you can search that at the top of this post. If you don’t know about heirloom plants and the need for food plant diversity and sustainability, search the internet and you’ll get lots of important information.)

It’s rained so much here and I hope the little plants will be rooted strong enough to live in what’s more like a swamp now, and not wash out.  Next week it’ll be time to plant a couple cucumber seeds and  lots of beans: kidneys, black turtle beans, green beans, Hopi orange Limas, and also a couple black eyes peas. I haven’t planted any of them for a couple years, and I’ll plant just a couple, to have them fresh.  If you’ve never had black eyed peas fresh, you’re missing something really good.  I’ve written a couple blogs about those interesting plants thru the years, and you can search them at the top of this post. It’s a very interesting and different kind of bean to grow.  They really are beans; somebody just named them black eyed peas to confuse us, maybe.

You can see my little hoop house in a picture I took of my son taking one of his pets for a walk. He and his wife  have several bearded dragons and one Savannah monitor, which is almost 3′ long. He takes him places with a harness on.  It’s a little hard to see, but his tongue is always in and out, testing things around him.  He’s a fascinating animal.


We have a little visitor here this spring.  One baby bunny just appeared, and  he seemed to be about 2 weeks old.  I didn’t find any nests this year so I don’t know where he came from, but he’s been around here for a couple weeks. At first he was behind the house a lot, and would run into an area of new ferns and forsythia when something scared him.  That’s good cos the woods behind the house attracts some red tailed hawks, and a baby bunny would be a good meal.  Also, there are 2 cats who roam around sometimes. Now he seems to mostly be down near the garage, where there is a strip of grass that’s mostly clover, which is one of a rabbit’s favorite things. My garage sits up on wooden beams and there are places a small animal can go under it. Baby bunny has a safe place to go in there, and he doesn’t go far away, knowing nothing can get him when he goes underneath.


My grandmother used to say a poem: spring is sprung, the grass is riz, oh how sweet the flowers is.  The flowering trees are just getting over, flowers of different kinds are everywhere, and everything is green here.  My favorite time.  There are always weeds to tend to, cos they grow better than anything else, but as I’m pulling them, and maybe complaining a little, I’m also reminding myself: this is the day  I wished for all winter.

Happy Spring, and enjoy Today.

6 responses to “Rambling along in the spring

  1. So glad to see signs that your gardening adventure is falling into place. Let’s hope you’ll get warmer weather soon. Spring is also my favourite time of the year. And it seems your garden is loved by a lot of animals. The baby bunny looks adorable!
    Happy gardening, my friend!

    • Thanks, Herman. There are lots of little animals around here, and I love it. Well, unless it’s baby groundhogs…maybe you remember reading about that trauma a couple years ago, lol. I like animals that don’t eat the stuff I’m growing! Enjoy spring and sitting in your own beautiful garden, and plant some more catnip for Mr. Bowie. 🙂 Happy Spring!

    • Ha, how could you forget about Albert, who is so creepy? He’s enjoying the spring and soon sweet Williams and peonies will bloom right near him. I’m watching the tree for the little shoots you told me about. 😊

  2. Your garden gnome looks quite content sitting there.
    I hope your tomato plants do well. There is nothing better than a tomato fresh off the vine.
    The tomatoes in the store are expensive, and they not taste like ‘real’ tomatoes.

    • No they don’t taste good from stores, and mine are all heirlooms, the best. The gargoyle is named Albert, and he is in charge of guarding the garden. His guardianship works for everything but groundhogs, which I had a problem with a couple years ago. They got trapped and went to live up in the mountains near here. 😜

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