Gardening can soon begin

Grandma always said you needed to wait till 5/15 to plant outside, because there is always a danger of late frost. I always follow her instruction. But there is a lot of work to do to get ready for the garden. I always put out a set of Tibetan prayer flags, cos gardeners can use all the help we can get. I like the tradition.

It rained overnight so the ground was wet and soft, a good time to push trellis legs down into the ground for tomato row. Tomatoes will get tied up tp the trellises as they get big. Pots at the end are for peppers, sweet and hot ones.

This year, since Geyri, my uromastyx, has a bigger house, I can use her old house as a greenhouse in my kitchen. My tomato and pepper plants are doing great in there, growing up till they’re ready to plant outside.

Geyri has been hiding a lot, miserable right now because she is shedding, and they don’t feel good then. Her one leg is white where the skin will soon come off. White patches are on her head too, because, unlike snakes who shed all at once, these lizards shed in patches.

She doesn’t know that she has her own little garden area outside. I’m growing arugula and mustard greens for her, and to share with my son and daughter in law, who have bearded dragons.

More gardening blogs will come along soon, as the season goes along. If you can grow a garden, good luck to you! If not, just enjoy the coming summer, and maybe find good fresh local food at places like farmers’ markets.

In any case, be safe and well!

8 responses to “Gardening can soon begin

  1. Glad to see you’re at work in your garden. This also means we’re heading to summer… Yeah!
    Geyri looks so beautiful in the photograph. And how handy to use her old house in your project. Looking forward to read about your new adventures…

    • When I was considering a different house for her, I had to ask myself, what about the old one? Not something I can fold up and put away in a closet, lol. Aha, the thought hit me, an indoor greenhouse, year round! Next winter I will grow lettuce and spinach for myself in pots in there, fresh greens from the kitchen. Yes dear we are heading into summer, your favorite time. and mine!

  2. That is such a neat use for her old enclosure!! I love that you had planted her some food as well. I planted greens for Murph and was astonished at how big everything became. I was too busy to harvest it all for over-wintering. Learned a lesson.
    Geyri’s sweet face warms my heart.

    • She does have the sweetest face, and they are gentle little creatures. I’m having some good salads while she’s asleep. But if she decides to get up I can have some quick greens for her that she likes if she wants to stay up long enough to eat. 👍

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