Time for a blog about the garden

The garden stuff got off to a rough start this year, with a long period of cool and rain in the spring. But now everything is catching up!

Above is my little uromastyx’s garden, with arugula, alfalfa and mustard greens. I eat some of the mustard and arugula too in salads, and my son and daughter in law give some to their reptiles.

5 different kinds of sweet and hot peppers are blooming, including the purple jalapenos I grow for my daughter in law.

In tomato row, 4 different kinds of tomatoes are doing great. I grow all the peppers and tomatoes from seeds. I won’t go on a soap box about heirloom plants, but if you don’t know about that, you should. Look at other blogs I’ve written and search heirloom plants.

Some green beans are starting to climb their poles. I also have hopi limas that are climbers, and black turtle beans and kidney beans that don’t climb.

I didn’t show cucumbers, but there are two healthy plants growing of them. And 3 pattipan squash.

My goal in the garden is always to have enough to eat, share with my kids, preserve some, and have some to share. One of the joys of getting the blessings of the earth to grow is having enough to share with others.

Of course you can’t eat everything, and some flowers are necessary to brighten things up outside. There are these in pots, a big group of roses and several places planted in wildflowers.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to have things growing in the garden. I’m getting old, and the garden has reduced in size, but as long as I can stand up and walk around, there will be a garden with food and flowers growing.

If you grow things, good luck with your blessings of the earth. If you can’t, I hope you can find some road side stands and farmer’s markets with gorgeous fruit and vegetables of the season.

Take care, do what you can to avoid the virus, and enjoy your summer.

9 responses to “Time for a blog about the garden

  1. Your garden already looks beautiful and very promising. It’s so wonderful to see everything grow and you can make plans to harvest all the delicious vegetables. What a great time…

    • Herman is it s a great time, with things starting to grow really good now. You know me, spring and summer are the best! After a while I’ll show my pickin’ basket, with things in it!

  2. So, it’s gratifying to see that Geyri is enjoying gardening also. Do you remember those prickly pear pads that I asked about sending to Geyri’s garden? They got cut down ‘again’ by road crews! Dang! It is so frustrating! I should have relocated them. I found that only one survived. The others had been cut down so many times that the roots rotted over winter.
    How is Sir Albert?

    • Albert is good, and not going on any trips, like to California. I’m growing spineless pear pads for Geyri, outside in the full sun. They are doing good and she likes the tender new pads. Her birthday is coming and there will be a blog with good pictures of her and also a video, so…….beware, lol. Be well friend.

  3. It’s always a pleasure to know of people being self-sustaining as is possible. We grow food for the same reasons. But, our spinach always tastes too Earthy, for a lack of a better word. I don’t know if work in the garden, washing, chopping, & storing food is ever really done during the growing season. It can be exhausting. Our Blue Lake and whatever yellow beans we’ve been growing are massive producers. You’ve inspired me to grow lima beans & the purple jalapenõs seem interesting. I have gained even more appreciation for plants through all of this. They do actually have some form of awareness. I even feel bad for yanking weeds… weird, I know.

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