First Jewel of the Spring

Spring IS coming! We have warmer days predicted all week, but still cold nights. I was out doing all sorts of things, hanging bed clothes on the line for that good fresh smell, picking up a bunch of sticks and dead wood fallen off the trees during the winter. And found a few of these small crocus. There’s a patch of these behind the house, maybe 100, that always come up quicker that the other crocuses, and these are a little smaller. But it’s always a first sign.

Opened windows for most of the day for the fresh smell to come in. MaChatte went crazy, running from one window to another looking out, since now she can smell and hear what’s out there in addition to seeing it. There were even a few boxelder bugs flying around the windows and she really wanted to catch those.

Now we wait for another month or so, and hope for no more real cold weather, tho it’s surely possible. In a month or so, tho, many spring trees will start blooming with pink and white flowers, a little later the weeping willows will get greener limbs, with buds that will turn to leaves. Spring! Soon!

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