Beans are good food

black eyed beans


I like beans of different types cos they’re versatile to cook with in different ways, good protein and also tasty.  They’re also pretty easy to grow.  And I like growing things I can eat, a lot.   Black eyed peas above  are ready to start picking, being very careful not to irritate the wasps and bees that are always on them.  Each pod group contains a nectar producing spot that’s really attractive to bees, and it seems, wasps in particular.  Some of the plants are climbing up that bamboo pole, up over 7′.

The first planting of green beans are starting to look a little ragged now, are starting to lose some leaves,  and have  stopped blooming.

pole beans


I planted a second group of seeds later that are just now starting to form beans, so there will be more to harvest for a while.  It’s time to stop picking this group now as green beans, and let them dry for  dried beans, to cook in the winter and also save some as seeds for next spring.  Heirloom seeds let us continue the cycle of growing, eating, saving seeds and starting all over next year.  This has been a very good summer for gardening here, and I’m thankful for having been able to grow and eat so much of the earth’s bounty.

In between here and next year’s growing season will be fall and winter,  not my favorite times.  But life goes on and the cycles continue.  It’s all good.

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