Such a lazy blogger……


It’s been a strange winter, and long, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting old(er.)  Too much cold, too much snow and ice, too much tension in the world around us. It has all just felt so oppressive.

But there’s been a lot of fun stuff too, fun activities at some organizations I belong to helped to liven things up. It’s all just been slower and sometimes I didn’t even go out cos I was tired of fighting the cold.  Things like a pretty garden flag brighten up the view and make me smile.  Now there are signs that it’s going to be spring, which I knew, of course, but signs are good.

The teeny crocus out back have been waiting for the snow to be gone so they could push their little buds up thru the ground.


A friend who lives in Florida told me a few days ago that the robins have left there, to begin their migration.  I hope they won’t be here too early, cos this strange winter has been  unpredictable,  and it’s sad to see them trying to dig thru snow or frozen ground to find things to eat.

For several years I’ve been having fun with people with my garden gargoyle, “humanizing” a little stone statue, but hey, you find your winter fun where you can. He posts on FB sometimes that the snow is getting bad and he can’t see, etc.  This little game makes some people smile. And smiles are good all around.

garden statue

This morning, I took his hat off.  What a good sign that is, but I’ll still keep it handy.  Spring is here on the calendar…… 🙂

18 responses to “Such a lazy blogger……

  1. Get ready for a new season of happy gardening, my friend! Looking forward to read about your adventures…

    • You know I’ll be posting about the garden Herman, cos I get excited about things like beans coming thru the ground! Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend, with treats all around!

    • Our robins leave here when it first starts getting cold. Slate colored juncos come here then for the winter. We call them snow birds cos their bellies are white, like they were dipped in snow. 🙂

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