Almost three years writing this blog………..

rain on caladium

2/11 will be three years I’ve been rambling along with this blog.  I started it when I had a small part time jewelry making business.  That little business has gone by the way side for several reasons, but I’m still rambling so the blog goes on! And then later I got more serious about more frequent posts.

I write the way I think, and at going on 65, I think about a lot of things that are good, and lots that don’t suit me.  Still the opinionated old hippie chick, lol! I feel young and have many interests and  enjoy writing about them.  Some blogs are serious and important, and lots are just for fun, but that’s important too.  It’s a tense world we live in these days,  and reading about cats and gardens and food and cooking  and health and  things going on at a historical society are things I enjoy when others write them,  and I’m glad that others enjoy mine as well. Those things are all things that are so important to the  everyday enjoyment of our lives.  I’m happy to be able to make people smile, or remember, or think.

Thanks to the many readers who come from all over and read the blog, leave comments,  and “like” my posts.   I enjoy reading so many other peoples’  blogs as well.  Modern technology……..isn’t it amazing.   Stay tuned for more!

2 responses to “Almost three years writing this blog………..

    • Oh thank you so much. I just write about things that are on my mind, or sometimes right in front of me, lol. I’ll always be the ole hippie chick.

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