On turning 65…….


I applied for Medicare the other day.  Medicare, that’s for old people!  But wait, I am old people.

65 is a big one.  4 or 5 months before you have your 65th birthday, companies start sending you all sorts of offers to buy their Medicare supplement.  I could hold a nice bonfire with the offers I’ve already gotten,  Many are from companies I’ve never even heard of and would like to not hear from again.

Aches and pains start about 60, lol,  and get worse as you go; be warned.  Tylenol is a good thing!  But with a good attitude, you can keep doing the things you did before, just not as fast, or not as long, with more rest periods in between.  Well sometimes the rest periods are pretty long……….

There are more senior citizen discounts after 65!  Somewhere in there your hair gets grayer and blends out with the brown in an interesting array of colors.

The best thing about it is……….I am going to retire at the end of this year!  I am excited about that.  I love what I do, and the agency I work for and the people I work with, but I’ve been working a long time, and I’m tired.  I’m tired of a regimented life, alarm clocks, packing lunch, and having to go out for all day when it’s 10 degrees, or 97 degrees.

So, it’s time to sit back and smell the roses, and grow the roses, and all the veggies and other good things, and spend winter days doing less active pursuits.  There are  two organizations in town that do good things for the community and I plan to spend some time volunteering with them.  So I won’t be sitting home watching soap operas, lol.

But I might just spend the first day in my jammies all day!

14 responses to “On turning 65…….

  1. My dad insists he rested more before he retired, now he says he doesn’t have any time to do anything =) Happy early retirement wishes!

  2. I am sure you will love every minute of your retirement. I find I can now do all those things I didn’t have time to do when I was working and those things I did do when working I now do at a more enjoyable pace.
    By the way, don’t forget to apply for a pension as women are entitled to apply at 64years and six months. Even if you don’t qualify for a pension you may be entitled to a healthcare card.

    • Thanks, I do have things to figure out but I will definitely have health care, cos everything costs a fortune. I will find plenty to do and won’t ever get bored. So many things I just don’t have time for when working 40 hours. Ahhh, no alarm clock!

  3. Have you considered taking up photography as a hobby now that you’re retired? You should! You’ve got quite a knack with flowers. 😉 Happy retirement!

    • Thanks Jackie! I haven’t quite retired yet, (at the end of the year) but I don’t think I’m good enough to be a photographer. I’ll just keep fooling around with my camera, lol.

  4. Congrats on making it this far. I turned 66 this year (Social Security finally kicked in, woo hoo!) and right now is the best time of my life. Despite all the aches and pains, I still think of myself as being 35! I am much busier now than I ever was when I was in corporate life as I do a lot of different, enjoyable things to make a little money… little being the operative word here! Instead of looking at the clock every minute wishing the time would go faster, now I wish it would slow down. That is the irony of life…

  5. Thanks, there were times in life where I wondered if this would ever come. Me too, I’m younger on the inside, lol! I’m ready for a non-regimented life, no real schedule. I’ll have lots of things to do. Good luck making a little money, or a little more!

    • It’s daunting to forward at but like everything else, if you approach it all in chunks and with a good attitude, it just goes along……..

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