Have you ever seen a covered bridge?

Cumberland County Pa bridge

History appears to us in lots of ways, and often then goes  away unless it’s recorded and remembered.   Years ago there were more covered bridges around PA, but one still exists on a back road near here,  near the little village of Newburg, Pa.  According to the PA tourism website, this bridge was built in 1870.  I took these pictures on my way to a bent and dent store I shop at a lot.

Bridges were originally made of wood and one purpose of building covered bridges was to protect the wooden structure of the bridge itself.  Later in the 1800’s, more bridges were beginning to be made of metal,  and didn’t need the protection, since the metal would last far longer than wood.

A website about Pennsylvania covered bridges,  http://pacoveredbridges.com/cumberland-county/ says this covered bridge is one of only two left  in Cumberland County, Pa. Much more information about these wonderful pieces of history can be found on that website.

historical covered bridge

13 responses to “Have you ever seen a covered bridge?

    • That’s a great bridge and the whole area there is pretty, like you’d like to stroll around there for a while. They are a part of history that will be gone after a while, and that’s sad. I’m surprised that the county keeps this one up, but maybe it’s cheaper than building a replacement. And I’d like to hope that they have some respect for the historical value of a thing like this. Thanks for posting yours!

  1. I think covered bridges are so cool! It’s a shame so much of our past seems to slide away unappreciated. That makes me very sad.

  2. We luckily live in Iowa and mom loves to wander. She says she inherited her wanderlust from her father who says it is in his Croatian blood. Mom says she has visited some of the covered bridges here in Iowa and is glad she has taken the time to do it.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! Covered bridges are such pretty pieces of history. I hope people keep preserving them so many generations to come can enjoy them as well.

  3. I just love these covered bridges and wish we had some here. They always make me think of one of my favourite movies, Beetlejuice. LOL! Great shots! 😀

  4. I hope that by viewing this post on my Facebook page it will give you another perspective of the Hertzler Bridge. If you like what you see by all means, join us on the page because it’s my hopes to continue providing photographs and video’s of our beautiful state of Pennsylvania and in many cases a brief glimpse of our history.

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