Wolf Moon……

It seems to be time to re-run this blog.

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full moon

The full moon in January was called the Wolf Moon in medieval times.  It was the time of the year when the hungry wolves would come closest to the house. The night that the owl flies low, risking predators in getting too close to the ground for any little available morsel.

January will pass and spring will come.   February 2nd is the  pagan holiday of Imbolc, the return of the light.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the juices in the plant roots start to flow on that day, even if the ground is covered with snow.  And it’s no coincidence that here in PA, they  take a perfectly happy groundhog out of his hole and hold him up in the air to see if he sees his shadow.  More about that at Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punxsutawney_Phil

Some old ideas need to be remembered.

Come on spring!

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