They don’t often go up in trees………..



And never very far up.  And only when one of their escape tunnels is very near.  This little guy sits there a lot tho, cos one of his holes is right at the base of that bush.  He and another one who live out back have 7 or so holes around over the yard, and a whole transportation network underneath the back yard.

Adorable little creatures.

7 responses to “They don’t often go up in trees………..

    • They are Herman. MaChatte would like to have one, I mean literally, but I’ve told her she’s not allowed to get any. That would be a bad encounter for both of them.

  1. Hunh! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chipmunk in a tree! Do you live in a rural or forested area? Seems like you have a fair amount of wildlife around. Enjoyed seeing this, thanks.

    • You’re welcome. I love those little critters, and these back here are pretty comfortable with people being around. They have maple seeds in the spring and acorns in the fall and treats we put out for them, so I think they live right out here for good reasons! They even tolerate MaChatte being on the porch while they’re out there, leash and harness and all. This is a rural area, yea, corn and dairy farms everywhere, but I live in a small town. My advantage is that there is a small woods near the back of my property, (and a large graveyard beside that) maybe half an acre, still a big enough area to attract and support small wild life. And no houses back there for a ways. The squirrels live in all the trees, mine included, the chipmunks live in my back yard, and we have all sorts of birds year round and some that migrate in and out. Hawks included, red tails, who also appreciate all this small wildlife. Everybody eats. Up in the woods some bigger stuff lives, possums and occasionally skunks, that all find their way down here about 9 PM, lol. And groundhogs and rabbits, up in the field between here and the woods. No coons, cos there’s no water source near. It’s like living out in the country, while still being in town. We just don’t get deer, cos it’s too far from the mountains, and too civilized in between, and thankfully, no bears, lol!

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