Sometimes you just need a neat kitchen gadget!

mandolin slicer


Got zucchini?  I don’t, cos I didn’t plant any, but I will next year.  Luckily I have a local source with plenty of good ones that are also inexpensive. I’ve learned two  new ways to use them that I like.

That little white gadget is called a Veggetti, and you can search on line and find them everywhere.  I got mine at Walmart.  It makes spiral sliced veggies, almost like spaghetti.  I like to use it to make spirals of zucchini, and saute that with maybe a little real cooked spaghetti, tomatoes, shrimp, chicken, anything you wold put in a pasta dish, garlic of course,  in an olive oil sauce.  It’s not a machine for big jobs, but a cute little gadget to make enough for one or two people, and machines of different kinds are around for bigger jobs.  Here’s a shot of some with carrots and onions.

zucchini and carrots

There’s another good use for zucchini  that I recently tried for the first time. A blogger I follow mentioned dehydrated zucchini chips. I had read about them before but never tried making any, although I’ve had dried veggie chips of different kinds and liked them.  Her blog hit me at just the right time, (thanks Sam!) when I was starting to think of dehydrating things to put away, and zucchini are plentiful now. I tried them and they are very good!  You can sprinkle different flavorings on them and still not have many calories or much sodium in a tasty snack. These have a powdered spinach soup mix sprinkled on them.  My dehydrator has only one heat setting and they dry in there in about 5 hours, sliced between 1/8 and 1/4″.  Love that dehydrator; here’s a blog I wrote about it last year.  This item works exactly as the company that makes it says it will and products like that are wonderful.

dehydrating veggies


My extremely sharp  mandolin slicer is another useful kitchen thing.  It was a gift from a friend last year, who also offered to buy me band aids for Christmas, lol.  I’m very careful with that thing.  If you have one you know how quick it can make even slices of any veggies.  I could never get them that evenly sliced  to dehydrate using a knife.

Grow on, cook on, preserve stuff if you can, and eat healthy!

9 responses to “Sometimes you just need a neat kitchen gadget!

  1. It’s a cool gadget! I’m not usually into gadgets but this may be the one. I’ll look for it locally. Thanks so much for the pic and description. Looks like you’re eating healthy these days!

    • Walmart probably, and who wants to pay shipping! For the two of you, it would be great. You’ll think of other things to do with it too, cos you always have good ideas. Sharp tho, watch your fingers cos you have music to play! Cabbage and collards and my last year’s dried beans in the cook pot even now, lol. Grow it, clean it, eat it, love it!

  2. Wonderful post! I love both veggie chips and veggie spaghetti. I’ll have to look for that nifty little kitchen tool. I wish I could grow veggies but my patio is just not sunny enough. Plus the containers I would have to use are just too much for me with my back the way it is. I’m lucky though, there are local farms that have stands very close to where I live and the grocery store I go to has a lot of locally grown produce as well as other products that are made locally.

    • Thanks Jackie. This little gadget is really nice, but sharp, so watch you fingers! It’s great that you can buy produce that’s local, cos it all tastes better if it’s allowed to get the full value of the plant. I’m lucky to have a produce stand out the road that has all sorts of local stuff, and inexpensive too. Summer, oh it’s just the best! Hope you are doing well.

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